October 7, 2020 Final Payment Schedule

By Mike Riley Random Drawing Result Summary 10/7 Final Payment Schedule Wkly YTD Name FLT Hcap Gross Net $ $ Day Porman, Tom A 10.7 0  $             10  $             88 T Bruszewski, Roger A 8.0 0  $                9  $             78 T McCreary, Bob A 12.7 0  $                8  $             57 T Lind, Jerry A 8.7 … [Read more…]

2019 Hospice Donation

Congratulations and Thank You to each and everyone for a very successful Hospice Memorial Tournament. On October 23rd, Terry Groft and Randy Shue presented the information and checks totaling $15,100, to Hospice. Thank you all for your  commitment to our league and to this Tournament.

2019 Hospice Memorial Tournament Results

Hcp   Hcp   Hcp   Hcp   Team Gross Net 12 McDonough, Joe 25 Harman, Dave 31 Parke, Bill 34 LoVeccchio, Joe 25 69 43.593 5 Detwiler, Bud 13 Miller, Robert 27 Burkholder, Clay 36 Newcomer, Jim 20 64 43.820 14 Frost, Carson 18 Shuba, Joe 13 Hunt, Jim 23 Givens, Huck 17 61 … [Read more…]

LSMGA 2019 Championship results

League Champions by Flight Flight A 1st Rick Bomberger 70 2nd Frank Tunis 71 3rd PJ Hultzapple 71 4th Jesse Mellinger 71 Flight B 1st Bam Ratmoko 68 2nd Bob McCreary 69 3rd Robert Miller 69 4th Gary Krupa 71 Flight C 1st Joe Shuba 66 2nd Bob King 69 3rd Frank Sohn 71 4th … [Read more…]

2018 Memorial Tournament Results

Gentlemen, the Memorial Committee, The LSMGA Board, and Hospice wish to THANK YOU for your generous support of our Memorial Tournament.  The total amount raised and contributed to Hospice for 2018 was $12,200.  GREAT JOB! Tournament Results Teams Gross HDCP Net Loy, Cy Busch, Bob Schmitt, John Weis, Eric 62 21.61 40.39 Long, Don Tait, … [Read more…]

LSMGA League Championship Results

REMINDER, NEXT WEEK WE START AT 9AM!! 2018 Season League Champion Scott Madara Flight A Scott Madara  67.55 Flight B Dave Doseff     69.00 Flight C Bam Ratmoko 68.27 Flight D Jim Stager         69.46 First week Second week         Name FLT Hcap Gross Net Gross Net Avg Madara, Scott A 11.45 79 67.55 … [Read more…]

Results 10/03/18

REMINDER, NEXT WEEK WE START AT 9AM!! Flight A Flight B Flight C Flight D 1st Jeff Bradley 65 Dave Doseff 68 Bob E. Smith 64 Dave Harman 68 2nd Don Long 67 Jim Hunt 68 John Rohrer 65 Neil Gardner 68 3rd Scott Madera 68 Robert Miller 68 Bam Ratmoko 65 Dan Schultz 70 … [Read more…]

2018 League Championship

The League Championship will be played over two weeks, September 26th and October 3rd.  To qualify for the League Championship you must play both weeks.  Both of these weeks will be regular league play with matches and points as usual.  The Flight winners will be those with the lowest average net score for the two … [Read more…]