2018 League Championship

The League Championship will be played over two weeks, September 26th and October 3rd.  To qualify for the League Championship you must play both weeks.  Both of these weeks will be regular league play with matches and points as usual.  The Flight winners will be those with the lowest average net score for the two … [Read more…]

Slow Play

On 6/20/18, Don Long did not play and instead drove around the golf course to determine how our league was keeping up the pace of play. The following are his comments: We have had several emails about slow play. As I didn’t play yesterday I spent several hours riding around the course. All but a … [Read more…]

Help needed

Gentlemen,  Our Scoring and Handicap Co-Chairs, Rick Bomberger and Jerry Lind, are looking to add an additional person to help with the post-round scoring and collection of scorecard information.  Therefore, another column has been added to the Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet for this purpose.  Please consider helping out with this important league function. PS – don’t forget … [Read more…]


Your Play Schedule – THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY You are considered to be playing on all scheduled dates unless you notify the Pairings Team chaired by Don Long using this league’s website.  You can do this by accessing the Pairings page on this website at mylsmga.org and providing the date(s) on the Can’t Play Form.  … [Read more…]


YES, YOU CAN BEAT SLOW PLAY…by Golf Digest 1. Hit first, then search…If someone in your group hits one into the weeds, play your shot before you wander over to help. Reduce your search time to 3 minutes or less. 2. Hit first, then talk…Save your story until after everyone in the group has hit. … [Read more…]