You are considered to be playing on all scheduled dates unless you notify the Pairings Team chaired by Don Long using this league’s website.  You can do this by accessing the Pairings page on this website at and providing the date(s) on the Can’t Play Form.  After entering the date(s), please hit Submit to transmit the information to the team.  The pairings team would appreciate use of the three boxes that are provided to enter dates for the upcoming two month period.  Receiving vacation plans for 144 members through October places a substantial record keeping burden on the team. Your cooperation with this request is appreciated.

CRITICAL DEADLINE – Please submit notification not to play no later than noon on the Sunday before play is scheduled each week.

Scheduled Posting of Pairings – The Pairings Team will aim to post the matches on the Pairings page of the website by 6:00 p.m. on Monday.  It would be helpful if ALL members, whether they are playing or not, would take the time to review the schedule to insure its accuracy.  However, we know things come up and changes may need to be made, so you will have until noon on Tuesday to notify them online by using the Message Box at the bottom of the Can’t Play Form.  At that time the scheduling system will be closed and final adjustments will be made to the pairings.  Any last minute changes will need to be made through the Pro Shop (898-0104) up to 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday. Since members must wait for everyone to check-in for play, WE NEED TO KNOW IF YOU ARE NOT PLAYING.

Special Note: play dates for the first three weeks of the league have been recorded from the Registration Forms.  You need only to check the pairings when posted to insure that your intended play was properly recorded.

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