1. Hit first, then search…If someone in your group hits one into the weeds, play your shot before you wander over to help. Reduce your search time to 3 minutes or less.

2. Hit first, then talk…Save your story until after everyone in the group has hit. Even better…save it for after the round.

3. Let your club headcovers in the car…10 seconds are lost after each shot replacing the cover. 10 seconds can add up quickly.

4. Tighten your pre-shot routine…limit yourself to 1 or 2 practice swings. Pre-shot routines are important, but they don’t have to last forever. This alone probably saves 20 minutes/round per foursome.

5. Be ready to play…plan your target location and do your practice swings while waiting for your turn. This saves 5 minutes/foursome per hole at least.

6. Plan ahead…park your cart and place your extra clubs beside the green in the direction of your next tee.

7. Be aware of your pace of play…a foursome should play a par 3 in 10 minutes, a par 4 in 12 minutes and a par 5 in 15 minutes…or less.

8. Avoid spectator golf…drop your partner off at their ball, go hit your ball and come back and pick him up.

9. Finally, play “ready” golf…in the fairway, if you’re not in another players’ line, go ahead and hit your shot.

Remember…playing faster leaves less time for the most destructive force in golf…over thinking!

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