On 6/20/18, Don Long did not play and instead drove around the golf course to determine how our league was keeping up the pace of play. The following are his comments:

We have had several emails about slow play. As I didn’t play yesterday I spent several hours riding around the course. All but a few groups were in position to play or were waiting a bit. Some of the things I noticed are as follows.

A group of 1 walker and 3 in carts were on the 4th green with the group ahead of them going to the 6th tee. The last man to putt out was the walker. When finished he had to pick up the flag stick as the others were in their carts or headed for them. Now the walker had to get to the 5th tee and was still the first one to hit. 2 of the others sat in the cart until they finally got out, selected a club and finished their conversation before hitting. I timed the time from the last putt on 4 until the last tee shot on 5, over 8 minutes.

Marking putts. I saw several putts inside a foot marked and the person walk to the side of the green. Even I do not miss many inside a foot, just hit it.

Parking the cart 10 yards behind the ball in the fairway, walking up to the ball to check the yardage, walking back to get a club, walking back to hit the ball and finally walking back for the cart. Just pull up alongside the ball and hit it.

Letting the cart 15-20 yards in front of the green and completing play and then having to walk back for the cart. Never walk backwards is one of the things stressed with my wife as she was learning the game. Good thought for everyone.

I saw many players waiting to hit into the green or from the tee from distances they have never reached in their lives. Watch the group ahead and if no one is ready to hit or putt you can hit. If you hit a great shot you can always apologize.

In general play ready golf and stay up with the group in front of you.

Thanks, Don Long