In the interest of the health and safety of our League members, we have decided to not hold our annual preseason meeting that was scheduled for Wednesday April 8th.  Also, we are unsure when we will be able to start normal league play.  Based on this, the League’s Board has decided the following;

  1. League play will not start on April 15th as originally planned. We will set a start date at a later time, once we have more information available to us.  Tentatively, we are considering May 27, as the League start date making the season only 20 weeks long with hopes of beginning sooner.
  2. The Board has decided that we will not collect the $4 weekly dues each week, but once we have determined the start of the season, we will ask everyone to pay the dues up front via check. This cost could be at most $100 for a 25 week season.  It was determined that the collection and handling of cash each week only facilitates the potential spread of the virus.  It is very likely that we will have a condensed season of less than 25 weeks.  (The league will refund $4 for every week that you cannot play, provided you have made the proper notifications.  NO SHOWS will not be refunded.  Refunds will be made as part of the year end payouts.)
  3. We will encourage playing our rounds in the safest manner possible through the following suggestions;
    1. If you have any symptoms of a virus, or are not feeling well, please do call or email the league that you will not play until you are feeling okay.
    2. Wash your hands before and after you play your round of golf.
    3. Clean your club’s grips. Bet you haven’t done that in quite a while.
    4. Do not shake hands or do High 5’s during the course of league play. Consider using elbows, tapping shoes with one another or whatever form of congratulation seems appropriate.
    5. Leave the flagstick in the hole. If you have to take out the flagstick, do it with your gloved hand.  It is just another thing to spread germs with.
    6. Do not pick up other players’ clubs or golf balls. Do not lick your own golf ball!
    7. Bring a disinfecting wipe with you to wipe down the steering wheel or roof support, or any area of the golf cart you frequently touch. Four Seasons will be cleaning the carts with an enhanced mindset, but that should not hamper our own efforts to be as safe as possible.
    8. Try to practice your social distancing, I know you will be seated by another in your cart.

We will start League play as soon as it is possible, once we are confident of our members’ health and safety, and we are able to per regulations.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.  We will strive to maintain the friendship and fun that our League has fostered over our existence, while trying to keep everyone safe.


The LSMGA Board